Cuban Studies

Joakim Eskildsen is known for his socio-political monographs such as The Roma Journeys and American Realities, depicting communities on the fringe. Despite seemingly melancholic undertones, Eskildsen achieves an overwhelming closeness and intimacy in his work, often by living alongside his subjects for long periods of time. Cuban Studies is the result of several journeys Joakim Eskildsen undertook in the country in a period of major transition following the economic reforms. “It was a time of optimism and uncertainty, and great hopes for the future. From the first day on, I was intrigued by the country, its people, and the complex history of colonialism and communism that was ever visually present. The more I learned about Cuba, the more difficult it became to understand. It was like learning to see the world from a different angle, so distinct from what I knew that I decided to keep an open mind and take the position of the listener.”
144 pages, 118 images
Hardback / Clothbound
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ISBN 978-3-95829-704-3
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